Floriani Dream Weave Ultra®

Definitive Support for your Most Challenging Embroidery!

Use Floriani Dream Weave Ultra® for adding extra support to light weight or delicate fabrics when stitching dense or Floriano Dream Weave Ultra large embroidery designs. Floriani Dream Weave Ultra® adds a light layer of support so the embroidery stitches will not cause damage or distortion to the fabric. Fuse Dream Weave Ultra® into place for an instant increase in thread count without adding bulk or changing the drape of the fabric - and use less stabilizer! Floriani Dream Weave Ultra® can also be used as an interlining for dress and suit weight fabrics for apparel.

To use Floriani Dream Weave Ultra®

  1. Cut Dream Weave Ultra® at least one inch larger than the embroidery design area. *A larger piece can be used if desired.
  2. Place the fusible side of the product to the back of the fabric.
  3. Set iron temperature to medium and press the product into place with a dry iron. Be sure to use a pressing cloth between the iron and the Dream Weave Ultra® or press from the fabric side.

    **This product is not a stabilizer, it is an important step in preparing the fabric for the embroidery or embellishment process.

    **Note - all irons heat differently. Test by fusing a small swatch of Dream Weave Ultra® on a scrap of similar fabric before beginning your project.

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