A Note From Gonda

Well 2020 is here and we have started back up again after the Holiday break with our embroidery club meeting. The startup of the MC15000, MC12000 MC11000, MC9900, 500E and the 350E club on the first Thursday of the month has been off to a good start. The owners of these fabulous machines have stated they are learning more and more about using the features of the machine. As we have more new members who are owners of embroidery machines the other Thursday's have been very helpful for them. Furthermore, we are learning more and more about the many talents from our active members and which they share with each other. A big thanks to all of you as this is what this club is all about sharing your knowledge. Keep the ideas coming. As always, if you have any questions or suggestions send an email to me at gondah1@verizon.net Goes Here