Westalee Class Supply Lists

Month 2

Blocks A--Parts 4 and 3

(2) 16"x16" quilt blocks to mark
Practice blocks--(2) 16"x16" quilt sandwich squares for practice

Show and Tell blocks from last month

All the goodies from the first class including Flash Drive and extra sewing machine needles.

Month 3

Blocks A--parts 1 and 2

Supplies, same as Month 2

Month 4

Block C

28"x28" Quilt block to mark. This can be a practice block or your quilt block.

(1) 18"x18" quilt sandwich for practice

Supplies same as Month 2

Month 5

4 blocks B

(4) 28"x10" Quilt blocks to mark

For practice, 4 blocks that are at least 10" wide and at least 14" long

If you prefer to work on your quilt block, you would not be able to finish all 4 patterns in class

Supplies same as Month 2

Month 6

Blocks E

4 blocks 10'x16" to mark and your Flash Drive

If you want to practice in class, (2) 10"x16" quilt sandwiches and your machine.

Note, at this point you have used all the templates at least once and you do not need to bring your machine.

Month 7 & 8

There are 8 of these blocks 1-4 in month 7 and 5 to 8 in month 8. These blocks use more advanced marking
and most people have wanted to mark in class. Bring (4) 19" x 16" quilt sandwiches, crosshair ruler, straight ruler
and marking tools.


Crystal's email; crystalandcompany@hotmail.com

Lois's email; loiswms@comcast.net