Delaware Sewing Centers Class Policy

Our teachers work hard, not only preparing for classes, but by keeping up with what's new.

Class Registration: Please pre-register for class. You may register by visiting the shop, calling by phone or by mail. Class lists are available in the store and on our website. Payment is accepted by check, credit card or cash.

Prior to the class: please fill supply lists prior to class. You received a 15% discount on all class supplies and on the day of the class for any other purchases. While you are enrolled in a class, you also receive a 10% discount on all machines.

Day of the class: Please be on time, if you have not filled your supply list, please arrive early enoush to complete your shopping before the class begins. Please do not bring children or friends to the class, and for the courtesy of others, please turn off pagers and beepers.

Miscellaneous: If you must cancel, please do so one week or more in advance for a full refund. If you and three of your friends are interested in a particular sewing class, let us know and we will arrange it.

Thanks, Crystal

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